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We are a workplace training company fanatical about adding value for our customers by offering a range of tailored solutions delivered face-to-face, via the web or through purpose-built eLearning.


Workplace learning made easy

Glasshouse Training is the new specialist training arm of Toni Glass Consulting. For nearly 10 years we have worked with a range of companies to access best-in-class training easily and efficiently. We have worked as a 'blended learning provider' for most of this time, blending in-person training with webinars and eLearning. We have a single-minded focus on increasing profit performance by improving the skill and passion of people within a business. 


Demand for our training courses has been growing since we started in 2012, creating a need for our specialised business, Glasshouse Training, which we launched in 2020. This allows us to be fanatical about making workplace training relevant, affordable and fun.


In 2020 we launched our Learning Management System (LMS), which allows our customers extremely cost-effective access to their online training. We work with customers to move their current content online, as well as developing purpose-built eLearning.   


Our training speciality is getting the most from people, both teams within businesses as well as external customers. We work in a variety of areas, primarily employee onboarding, team building, leadership, sales and customer service.


Our ASK module ensures courses and learning focus on:


  • Attitude

  • Skill

  • Knowledge


Glasshouse Training

Glasshouse Training

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Whilst we have a range of web and online options, we still LOVE in-person training and we use our blended systems to ensure that any in-person training is supported with web-based check-ins and micro-training, guaranteeing that key learnings and skills are implemented and working within your business. Our in-house and tailored training is all about fitting your needs, timing and physical location..


We know how subtle differences in approach can deliver huge differences in outcome. We’re expert listeners, adept at understanding your issues and creative in coming up with solutions.


In-person training delivers many benefits. We can make choices about activities and focus the training depending on the group of learners on the day, making the process far more relevant and likely to succeed. It seems more real, more useful and easier to implement as discussions and ideas work best in this format. And you get the maximum number of people gaining the same skills at the same time. 


We have a range of base courses with best practice content that we customise for your industry and business. Your learners will value processes, language and examples that come from your reality, in your business, in your industry. Again, this ensures that any investment in training gives you a great return, building knowledge and skills whilst creating positive attitudes.


Here are some answers to questions you may have:


  • Can you use examples and scenarios from our industry?  YES         

  • Will you travel outside of New Zealand?  YES                                                      

  • Can you build a programme just for us?  YES                                             

  • Can you condense a two-day workshop into one day?  YES                     

  • Could you split a two-day course over, say, two weeks?  YES                   

  • Can my team of five…10…16…20 attend?  YES                                          

  • Can we merge a couple of courses from the public workshops?  YES                   

  • Can you deliver a masterclass at our conference?  YES 



Training Programmes

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Tailored sales training solutions for all outbound sales teams, account managers, BDMs and senior sales management.

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We work with leaders at all levels to develop the right skills and know-how to engage their teams for peak performance.

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Customers expect great in-store experiences. We have built specialist retail programmes for frontline staff and managers.

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We can tailor any of our courses for you and your team as eLearning, plus we can host the courses on our LMS if preferred.

Contact us for more information:

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