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Core sales skills are critical for success.


Participants will develop their understanding of their brand, their tools and how to apply these to their market. They will also focus on how their customers like to buy as well as the core skill of following the sales process to a successful close.

  • This course is targeted at anyone who sells outbound to businesses. It's fantastic for someone starting their sales journey as well as a refresher for the more experienced.

  • Two-day classroom-style training

  • Ten module weekly instructor-led webinar programme


Just learning what to do isn’t enough.  The experiential training allows participants to build their competence and confidence, with many opportunities to practice their skills until they feel comfortable to use them in real life situations with customers.

Participants gain knowledge, skills and attitudes and translate them into behaviours that will define their success as a sales professional.

  • Market overview

  • Customer segmentation

  • Key metrics

  • Personal presentation

  • Body language

  • Personal styles and sales

  • The sales process

  • Preparing for customer contact

  • Understanding the customer

  • Questioning skills

  • Active listening skills             

  • Brand value/benefits

  • Handling objections

  • Closing the sale

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  • Understanding of the market

  • Improved focus on metrics

  • Better questioning and listening skills

  • Ability to use EQ through the sales process

  • Understanding of USP

  • Ability to overcome objections

  • Better closing tools

  • Improved attitude

  • Increased focus and self-management

  • Better performance and results

+ Greater confidence and credibility

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