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Customer service is the foundation for retail success.


Participants will be trained in customer care, customer service best practice, understanding how customers like to buy and more. This course is designed to focus retail  staff on adding value for each customer.

  • This course is targeted at anyone who works in retail

  • One-day classroom-style training

  • Six module weekly instructor-led webinar programme

  • Online learning course

  • Customer service in retail

  • Understanding your value proposition

  • Personal styles and customer service

  • Managing first impressions

  • Active listening

  • Answering the telephone

  • Selling and customer service

  • Recommending products

  • Demonstrating products

  • Dealing with customer issues

Paying Customer
  • Better understanding of customer service

  • Ability to build relationships, focusing on how customers like to buy

  • Improved questioning and listening skills

  • Better product recommendations

  • Better understanding of customer service measurements

  • Improved motivation and focus

+ Greater confidence and credibility


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