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This building block course gets you refining your leadership style to drive business and team performance. You’ll learn key concepts to take your team to the next level as well as practical tips and tricks for getting the basics right.

  • This course is designed for people in leadership roles, either those starting out or as a refresher for the more experienced leader

  • Two-day classroom-style training  

  • Leadership vs management

  • Personal styles and leadership

  • Business planning

  • Setting SMART goals

  • Metrics and performance

  • Driving productive activity

  • Feedback and coaching

  • Running successful staff meetings

  • Dealing with team conflict

  • Performance measurements

  • Praise, recognition and appreciation

  • Good behaviour

  • Better EQ

  • New tools for matching personal style and motivation and performance

  • Link activity to outcome

  • Coaching with goals and KPIs

  • Ability to improve team dynamics

  • Improvement in giving and receiving feedback

  • Increased self-confidence to effectively lead a team

  • Improved meetings and one-on-ones

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