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Improving the performance of your people and team.

Giving feedback and coaching your team plays a critical role in their success. To do this well you need to make sure you have the right skills and approach to truly make a difference. This one-day programme is all about learning and practicing skills for effective feedback and coaching.

  • This course is designed for people in leadership roles, either those starting out or as a refresher for the more experienced leader

  • One-day classroom-style training  

  • The role of feedback and coaching

  • Standards and expectations

  • Observation as part of feedback and coaching

  • The feedback loop

  • Characteristics of good feedback

  • Types of feedback

  • Receiving feedback

  • Constructive criticism

  • Coach vs mentor

  • Goals and KPIs

  • 3T Coaching Plan

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  • Better EQ

  • Improve language and skills 

  • Coaching with goals and KPIs

  • Improvement in giving and receiving feedback

  • Focus on catching people doing good things

  • Increased self-confidence to effectively lead a team

  • Improvement in team and individual performance

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