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RETAIL sales

A sale is a customer saying they liked your service.

This programme builds on our Customer Service course and focuses on the sales process and what to do at each stage of the customer buying process.

  • This course is targeted at anyone who works in retail

  • One-day classroom-style training

  • Six module weekly instructor-led webinar programme

  • Online learning course

  • Sales and customer service

  • The theory of influence

  • Building rapport

  • Questioning and listening

  • Features and benefits

  • Building the value equation

  • The sales process

  • Product recommendations

  • Cross-sell and up-sell

  • Metrics and KPIs

  • Follow-up

Paying Customer
  • Increased confidence in asking customers to buy

  • Improved understanding of how and why customers buy

  • Better language to influence sales

  • Advanced questioning techniques

  • Improved motivation and focus

+ Greater confidence and credibility


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