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SALES Planning and time management

Prioritise the activity that drives value.


Sales planning is a critial part of the sales process, from forecasting to demand management, setting targets and KPIs. Your sales plan should include the what (goal) and the how (activity) as well as the who and the when.

  • This course is targeted at anyone who sells outbound to businesses  

  • One-day classroom-style training

  • Six module weekly instructor-led webinar programme


In sales, it is critical that we know what success looks like. For salespeople, this includes revenue KPIs and GP KPIs as well as customer-specific performance measurements.

Work through the key drivers in your market and identify how you can choose the best activities for your database to meet your targets.


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  • Market overview

  • Competitor analysis

  • SWOT analysis

  • Key metrics

  • Setting SMART goals

  • Linking activity to goals

  • Data and insights

  • Sales reporting

  • WISE time management

  • Prioritising activity

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  • A workable sales plan

  • Identified activities that link to sales goals

  • Clear targets

  • Improved KPIs linked to activity

  • Tools for better time management

  • Better forecasting

  • Improved sales objectives

+ Greater confidence and credibility

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