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Refresh and refocus key skills.


B2B is changing and we need to ensure we keep up with how to surround and grow our customers as well as attract new ones. Our B2B Bootcamp is designed for salespeople in all industries with any range of experience. We look at tips and tricks to increase your sales in a modern B2B business and work through some key best practice areas that will immediately add value to your business and customers. 

  • This course is targeted at anyone who sells outbound to businesses. It's ideal for experienced salespeople to refresh and refocus.

  • Two-day classroom-style training

  • Ten module weekly instructor-led webinar programme


We work on ten key areas of B2B success and apply these to your business, with your sales process. From lead generation to building your soundbites for benefits and benefits to understanding how you get customers to say yes to your proposal to working on sales automation and how to use this in your business to add the most value.   


Core sales skills are critical for success and we focus on competencies including rapport building, making customer connections, asking questions that make a difference and onboarding new customers. 

The Wall of Ideas

Ten Areas for B2B Success:

  1. Adding value for customers

  2. Clarifying goals

  3. Getting data right

  4. Ongoing learning and development

  5. Change management

  6. Measuring what matters

  7. Communication

  8. Productive activity

  9. The theory of influence

  10. The sales process

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming
  • Improved focus on metrics

  • Improved core skills

  • Understanding how customers are changing and what that means for your sales process

  • Intergrate modern sales and marketing automation and analytics

  • Linking productive activity to sales outcomes

  • Increased focus and self-management

  • Selling how customers want to buy

+ Greater confidence and credibility

Brainstorming Session

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