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Get the best from your sales team.

We look at the key concepts and themes of successful B2B sales and what that means in terms of sales team enablement. We focus on managing through data and insights to ensure your sales team is as effective and effecient as possible.


  • This programme will help those leading a sales team, in particular sales staff who have participated in the any of our sales training

  • One-day classroom-style training

  • Eight module weekly-instructor led webinar programme


This programme builds compentence and confidence for anyone leading a sales team, in particular sales staff who have participated in any of our sales courses.

We work on leadership skills and activity as well as management skills and activity, all focused on getting the best performance from your sales team.

  • Leadership vs management

  • Sales planning

  • Setting goals for sales growth

  • Using data to drive results

  • Running effective sales meetings

  • Ensuring productive activity

  • Call cycles and customer contact

  • Personal styles and leadership

  • Recognition and acknowledgement

  • Reports and targets

  • One-on-ones

  • Feedback and coaching

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  • Better understanding of the sales process

  • Tools for matching personal style and motivation and performance

  • Focus on key activities critical to your business

  • Facilitating effective meetings that focus and enable results

  • Increased self-confidence to effectively lead a sales team to achieve high levels of performance

  • Focus on managing PRODUCTIVE activity

  • Better performance and results

+ Greater confidence and credibility

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