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Surrounding and growing existing accounts.


This practical two-day programme provides participants with the knowledge, tools and skills to maximise the opportunities within their customer base whilst creating loyalty and building account retention.

  • This course expects participants to have a good understanding of their sales process and benefits anyone who has completed our Sales Fundamentals course

  • Two-day classroom-style training OR

  • Ten module weekly instructor-led webinar programme


This course will enable participants to segment their accounts appropriately to ensure the right activity is executed for the right account. Participants will also learn to better manage their accounts, acquiring the tools and resources to improve their understanding of the business relationship and what it takes to move them from a customer to a true business partner.


This course also focuses on multi-contact relationships within the customer base and provides a framework to truly surround and grow customers.

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  • Account management best practice

  • Adding value

  • Customer retention

    • Customer reviews

    • Price management

    • Channel management and automation

  • Customer growth

    • Product gaps

    • Product demonstration

    • New product opportunties

  • Account segmentation

  • Data insights

  • Multi-contact management

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  • Improve skills to gain better relationships through business reviews and insights

  • Identify and execute growth opportunities in existing accounts

  • Improved skills in creating appropriate strategies around managing key accounts

  • Better planning skills

  • Enhanced ability to build partnership relationships

  • More revenue from top customers

+ Greater confidence and credibility

5 account management 1800 1200.png

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